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My child wants to take class but she/he has never danced with Elite before, can she/he have a trial class?


-We offer 1 free trial class. You may take any class you want. If you will like to try another class you will have to pay $23 drop in fee. 


I paid monthly but there are only 3 weeks this month, do I get a make up?

-Unfortunately, this does not count as a make up. Our quarterly system offers a discount from paying each month. If you are paying monthly, the price does not fluctuate based off  number weeks. Tuition stays the same each month regardless if the month has 3 or 5 weeks of classes. We do not pro-rate, refund, or give discounts for any missed classes or seasonal breaks.


Can I sit and watch my dancer’s class?


-If your dancer is in Ballet/Tap/Acro we highly recommend you stay and watch! The little ones love to have the support of their parents near by. However if your dancer is in an intermediate level class and above, we kindly request you do not stay and watch in the classroom. Often times, kids have a hard time focusing when loved ones are close by. Classes can be viewed from outside the room via the window. 


If I miss a class can my dancer make it up?

-Absolutely! Make ups are based off each students pay group. If you are paying monthly, then all makeups must be completed in that month. If you are paying quarterly, you must make up class within that quarter. There is no roll over of make ups. Dancers can make up class in any class on the schedule. They can choose to stay in a style they are comfortable with or try something new. Make ups are limited to 2 per dancer on the monthly plan and 3 per dancer on the quarterly plan. All dancers must fill out a make up form or they will be charged the drop in rate per class. No makeups can be used to prorate another months tuition!


Will I receive a bill for my classes?


-Because we have an online self service manager you will not receive a bill. You can view your account balance at any time. All payments are due at the 1st of the month for monthly students and at the 1st week of the quarter for quarterly students. If you have any questions about your account please email us at Any unpaid bills will be sent an email after the first week of the month. Dancer can not return to class until all account balances are paid in full. 


I was asked to keep a credit card on file, is this the only way to pay?

-You can pay by check, cash, or credit card the first week of class. However, you must keep a credit card on file for incidentals. All credit card payments will be run the second week of every month if no other form of payment is received. If your child is going to stop with class the front desk must be notified the last week of the month of normal class. If no notification is given accounts will still be billed. There will be no refund if proper notification is not given. 


My dancer is changing their schedule do I need to provide written notice?


-Yes! All dancers who are changing their schedule must fill out a green change of schedule form at our Deep Valley Location. If there is a change in hours the dancer will still be billed based off the previous months hours until written notification is provided. There will be no refunds of written notification is not provided. 


How will I know important studio information?


-We have a mass emailing list to keep all of our parents in the loop. We send out all emails to the email registered with us when you fill out our registration form. You can change your account information via our online self service manager.  If you are not receiving our emails please call (310) 541-0099 to update account information. Our website is also kept updated weekly with all of the new happenings here at Elite. 


How do I access my online account?


-After your first class here at Elite you will be entered into our online system. You will then receive an email containing a temporary password. Your log in is the email you registered with Elite. Use the temporary password to log into the account and then you can personalize the information once you are in.


I can see online my account has a balance due, how do I pay it?


-You can pay online with a credit card or drop by the studio during business hours to pay by check or cash. 


How does my dancer become part of The Elite Company?


-Dancers must audition to join The Elite Company. Auditions are in the month of June after our competition season ends. For more information, please see the company tab on our webpage. 


I want my dancer to perform in the annual shows, how do I make sure she/he will be in it?


-Not all of the classes at Elite perform in the shows. Many classes are strictly technique based. To ensure your dancer will get a chance to perform, check with the child’s teacher at the start of the class to make sure they will have a performance routine. 


Is there an extra fee to be in the show?


-Yes, each show has a recital fee and costume fee. Recital Fee is a flat rate of $75 dollars (discounts for multiple dancer families) and costume fees will very depending on class. Recital fee does not include tickets.

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