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Titanium holiday photo


Titanium is our Senior Performing Arts team for singers/dancers ages 12-18. This group offers the chance for performing through singing, dancing, and acting. Mr. Andrew believes that inside ever Titanium is a powerful and dynamic performer that is ready for a little bit more of a challenge. Our vocal coach Jennifer is a highly trained woman who is also passionate about creating strong, young, vocalists. If you love to be on stage and want to be a triple threat, then this is the team for you. This team has the opportunity to perform in the June Show, "Twisted Nutcracker", at Disneyland, PV fair, and much more. In the past, Titanium has been asked to participate in paid gigs and we hope to continue to bring these opportunities to our future Titanium members!

Andrew Rincon

Dance Instructor

Jennifer Graham

Vocal Coach

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